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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance. (QA) is an integral part of each of VNEs programs. VNE’s QA department performs internal reviews on all program deliverables using documented processes. These reviews provide unbiased assessments of the quality of our products and services. Through peer and independent reviews, we ensure the accuracy, clarity, compliance, presentation, and completeness of all deliverables. Upon completion of the review, the QA manager verifies that all defects have been resolved and certifies the deliverable before submission to the client. The QA manager tracks all documentation reviewed and generates metrics that are reported to corporate management monthly. In addition, VNE performs independent audits to validate task performance and to determine process conformity.

Approach to Guarantee Responsiveness to and Cooperation with Customers. At the earliest stages of a Task Order’s (TO) life-cycle, the Task Manager (TM) will work closely with the local customer to ensure there is a mutual understanding of validated TO requirements; potential risks and problems; and avoidance/mitigation paths. The TM’s local assignment near the geographic location of the work will facilitate, throughout TO execution, regular status meetings/reports to and direct dialog with the customer. This frequently recurring interaction between the customer and the TM will enable a dynamic assessment of the TO execution progress, proactive performance of risk assessment and avoidance/mitigation, and on-going requirements validation and scope management – all essential measures to optimize TO completion with maximum benefit to the Navy and the VNE Team. Above the TM level, VNE’s corporate management team and Seaport-e Program Manager (PM) will maintain regular open communications with the customer, ensuring the Navy’s satisfaction with the VNE Team’s performance.

Approach to Problem Resolution. VNE’s approach to problem resolution is two-fold: (1) anticipate issues/detect problems early and (2) immediately take action, addressing challenges at the appropriate level to avoid adverse TO impacts. Early communication between the TM and the customer is key to prevent the occurrence of problems. However, no project is “issue free,” and VNE does not believe that “bad news gets better with age.” VNE uses a proactive assessment process to anticipate or detect impending problems throughout the TO life-cycle. In collaboration with the customer, the TM will identify potential issues early and develop consensus-based solutions that provide problem-solving resolution that meets the requirement. At IPRs, TMs will discuss schedule variances, risks/problems, and mitigation plans with the PM. VNE’s goal is to resolve problems at the service provider level, but our process is well-designed to escalate problems to higher levels as appropriate. When necessary, the QA Manager will report variances to senior executives if a task is at risk for not meeting quality, deliverable, or cost commitments.