Intelligent Designs For Intelligence Solutions

Software Applications

The Automated Collection Planning (ACP) Tool, developed as part of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Large Tactical Sensor Network (LTSN) II effort and enhanced by Technical Control and Analysis Center (TCAC) program, is a web-based application providing collection planning and management that covers intelligence data and collection processes, from intelligence requirements generation to collection tasking for all ISR sensors to include ground- and air-based platforms, using intelligence requirements, collection target data, and sensor capabilities data developed. The ACP tool helps to standardize the development of the Collection Plan from a Commander’s Intelligence Requirements (IR). The ACP tool can generate data necessary for the collection mission planning process by employing algorithms to automate the manpower-intensive translation of an IR into collection and reporting requirements. The collection requirements will be further decomposed into collection tasks. Algorithms will use sensor models to best match a collection asset (sensor) against specific collection targets and the associated signature data that can be collected by the sensors. The ACP tool has been successfully transitioned into the TCAC and Distributed Common Ground System – Marine Corps (DCGS-MC) programs. VNE designed and developed the Automated Sensor Planning and Optimization (ASPO) program, which is being integrated into ACP.  ASPO provides advanced analytics and is being developed as a next generation tool for collection planning and analysis.  ASPO was designed and developed to support integration using a plug-in based framework to query, ingest from, publish to or task (via Application Program Interfaces (API) provided) external systems.  ASPO supports ingesting/uploading files and can extract content from Microsoft Office files, as well as tag documents, as well as audio and image files.  VNE developed a mapping function using Google Maps with a mapping connection designed to be extended to work with other commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mapping applications in the future.