Intelligent Designs For Intelligence Solutions


Loyalty to our customers, employees, company and partners is the cornerstone of  Vickers & Nolan Enterprises.

“The greater the loyalty of a group towards the group, the greater the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals.” – Rensis Likert

Vickers & Nolan Enterprises is dedicated to:

  • Excellence in Everything We Do
  • Getting the Job Done Right the First Time
  • Courage to Speak the Truth
  • Doing What is Right for Our Customers
  • Continuous Improvement of Our Expertise, Processes and Performance Across All Business Areas

Vickers & Nolan Enterprises:

  • Hires and retains people who are loyal, dedicated, motivated, focused, honest, and experienced.
  • Maintains focus within our core competency, while exploring initiatives not explicitly identified in our mission statement.
  • Works closely with our customers, offering our best service to gain their trust, confidence, loyalty and dedication.
  • Teams with other companies who mirror our core values and complement our core competencies, to provide better products to a growing customer base.
  • Sets our company apart by seamlessly integrating with other contracting companies. Working as a team without competing for information or control, we openly share ideas, research, and solutions with team members from other companies and other projects.