Intelligent Designs For Intelligence Solutions

Company Overview

Vickers & Nolan Enterprises is a proven leader providing acquisition, intelligence, logistics, and technical expertise, particularly for finding, creating, and applying appropriate technologies to solve problems in the tactical intelligence community. Our core strengths and differentiators include:

  • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Department of Defense tactical intelligence systems and training to ensure that the warfighters are successful against all threats.
  • Developing and integrating systems and software solutions that improve tactical intelligence operations at home and abroad.
  • Assisting customers in defining their requirements and articulating their exact needs to support delivery of broad-spectrum operational concepts and accurately selecting technology solutions/products.
  • Procuring and managing client supplies and equipment, as well as system configuration, shipping, and training at the point of use.
  • Providing acquisition support to include program and project management, evaluation of proposals submitted to the government, contract administration and procurement functions in support of government contract offices and activities.

VNE is particularly suited to assist in the following technical areas:

  • Subject matter expertise in the areas of Requirements Definition, Derivation and Documentation; Systems and Architecture Design; Systems and Software Engineering; Cybersecurity/Information Assurance, Risk Management Framework, and Assessment and Authorization; Logistics; Configuration Management; Acquisition; Test and Evaluation; and Strategic Planning specifically for tactical intelligence programs.
  • Training warfighters and other government-associated users in the best methods to support their operational needs for tactical intelligence, electronic warfare, and information operations.
  • Creation of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) to obtain an advantage in the decision-making process.
  • Leveraging existing hardware and software technologies to enhance/automate concepts and TTPs.
  • Creating the appropriate technology solutions and system designs.