Intelligent Designs For Intelligence Solutions

Software Engineering & Development

VNE used Agile software development methodology to design and develop the Automated Collection Planning (ACP) Tool as part of the Office of Naval Research’s (ONR) Large Tactical Sensor Network (LTSN) II effort. VNE is currently using the Agile methodology and leveraging the research work conducted under the LTSN II program as a baseline to develop an Automated Sensor Plan and Optimization (ASPO) capability for ONR.

ASPO addresses enabling technology that provides for the automatic generation of an optimized collection plan given a set of tracks that detail mission information needs over time to produce/update intelligence requirements and map them to sensor capabilities and availabilities. As an extension of the work accomplished during the development of the ACP tool, VNE personnel will apply the existing functionality and technology used in the ACP tool as a natural progression of capabilities into the Automated Sensor Plan and Optimization development effort. In addition, VNE will investigate emerging research in ontology mapping in order to provide capabilities in the breaking down of intelligence requirements to sensor tasking, collection plan optimization, automated production of information products, and improvements in modeling all agents who interact with the information domain in an effort to provide mapping via a framework that discovers, merges and adapts data models rather than actually modeling the entire domain.

VNE’s software engineers develop, integrate and deliver TCAC software releases to ensure security vulnerabilities are addressed in the form of quarterly security patch releases as well as expanding software mission capability and functionality. Expanded capability include operational capabilities that improve linguistic recognition and analysis tools as well as upgraded software applications; enhancements to SIGINT mission software; upgrades to Intelligence Broadcast System receiver application; and augments to applications for interfacing with EA-6B ICAP III aircraft.

VNE designed and developed the Gallipoli Tool, which is an Indications and Warnings (I&W) alerting system for Intelligence Analysts that provides notification when a list of known targets and associates are active by correlating disparate data sources from EW sensor systems. VNE developed Gallipoli, which consists of over 32,500 Source Lines of Code (SLOC) developed in Java, using Agile SCRUM software development methodology. The Gallipoli Tool performed successfully during Acceptance Testing, and VNE assisted the Government in the integration of Gallipoli into the TCAC 4.3 software baseline by matching the input of Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Application Program Interfaces (API) to allow for ingestion of data. In conjunction with the software code and executables, VNE delivered the Gallipoli Tool with a Software Users’ Manual (SUM), Master Test Plan, and training materials, which included an Instructor Guide, Student Guide, and Activity Guide.

VNE’s Software Engineering & Development efforts include:

  • Designing, developing, integrating and delivering software releases for Marine Corps Intelligence Systems that support:
    • Enhancements to SIGINT mission software
    • Upgrades to Intelligence Broadcast System receiver applications
    • Improved linguistic recognition and analysis tools
    • Augmentation of applications for interfacing with external systems
    • C2, ISR, and Common Operational Picture (COP) applications
    • Collection, Planning, and Indications and Warnings (I&W) alerting applications
  • Ensuring security vulnerabilities are addressed in the form of quarterly security patch releases
  • Utilizing Agile SCRUM Software Development and Program Management Methodologies and Processes
  • Use of software languages, databases, and tools: C++/Java/Microsoft .NET/XML/XSD/XSLT/Oracle/SQL Server/SyBase/RDF triplestores/AllegroGraph/Neo4J/Palantir/ArcGis/MapServer/Web Mapping Services/Ontology Engineering/Rover/JBoss/Apache Tomcat/Microsoft IIS/Jetty/VM Ware/Active Directory/etc…
  • Developing all system/software documentation for delivery of software releases such as: SW Build Lists, SAMs, SUMs, SyVDs, SVDs, SIPs, and configuration guides